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Theology Matters

Intro: Theology matters; in this day and age, we see and hear people who try to gloss over this. A friend of mine graduated from a Bible college with poor grades in Theology but said that didn’t matter. The truth is it does. Paul's rights about theology matter not just to the Galatians (Galatians 1), but in 2 Corinthians (chapter 11), he talks about the church walking away from the true teachings to follow another one. Peter mentions the coming of false prophets and teachers in 2 Peter 2, John talks and deals with them in  2  and 3 John, Jude in his letter named after him, and James warns teachers about being judged harsher than others based on what they teach (James 3:1-12). We understand through these passages that theology matters; it goes beyond a denominational stance. It goes with orthodoxy throughout all denominations and how we know which denominations truly follow the Word of God and who don’t. 1.        The Bible tells us that people will abandon sound teaching 2 Timo

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