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The Lack of Two Things is Part of the Pastoral Shortage: Discipleship and Evangelism

                As this gains traction and is noticed by many denominations and church networks, one thing that will happen is that people will put their thoughts as facts. Many people presuppose why fewer go to seminary to get into ministry based on what they think is happening, but the truth is, the reasons are not what they think. However, many reasons are linked in a chain that must change. If we are honest, the shortage has been going on for some time. A decade ago, another church approached my former church because they had a pastor who wanted to retire. They went to the regional leaders in their denomination to find out that they had no leads as not many were going to their seminaries, and they had no idea what to do about that. Over the years since, I have come to read, see, hear, and even experience some things that have led to the shortage. Here are some of the facts. 1.        90% of churches are 50 or under. That is a significant number. Of the remaining 10% of churches

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